Expected input/output

The expected input to the finished(trained) program:

Image File
The image file should be an aerial photograph of the area in question
Export ID
the export ID will identify the GIS program to which the output should be associated with
Scaling factor
the scaling factor will be the intended scale of the photo
Set of coordinates
the coordinates of the upper left-hand corner of the photo

The expected output:

New image file
This may or may not be necessary, depending upon the export ID. This file is an exact copy of the input photo, but with either a point location or an outline around target areas.
object table
This is essentially an ID-dependent file which can be read by the target application to recreate the results of the image processor.

The program will focus on ONE export program, mapinfo. This may change later if I run into some unforseen obstacle.

The program itself seems to be well suited for an open-ended format such as open source, simply because the primary goals seem to so far be easy to reach, and yet even after these goals have been obtained, the refinement of the program and expandable uses could continue to grow after the project has been 'finished'. I will write more about the trainer after work.