Summer of Code 2013 wrapup

[Apologies once again for the lateness of this.]

2013 was another successful summer for Google / PSU Summer of Code, with all but one of our accepted proposals completing successfully.

The emphasis this year was once again on projects related to the Weave project, led by Georges Grinstein and David Percy. However, several other unique projects were accepted and completed as well. In the table below, the Weave-based projects have Georges Grinstein as a listed mentor.

Real-time Analytics in MallsAnanth BalashankarBart Massey
Extending the Weave Data FrameworkAndy DufilieGeorges Grinstein
Control and Navigation of an Autonomous QuadcopterAvnish KumarJenner Hanni, Bart Massey
A Mobile App for Enhancing Scientific Field ResearchBo WangDavid Chiu
Machine Learning, Clustering Analysis, Statistical Analysis, and Raster Algebra Modeling of image data for mineral identificationJon BarnesDavid Percy
Implement Interactive Rendering of Medium-To-Large Graphs in WeavePhilip KovacGeorges Grinstein
Port the Weave core code from ActionScript to HaxeSanjay AnbalaganDavid Percy
Design and implementation of computational support for large datasets in Weave using the R projectShweta PurusheGeorges Grinstein