Wrapped with a bow

I hit the point where everything works last night. The main author Gavin Crooks was kind enough to meet up in the evening after a busy day to help me double check WebLogo's functionality. I fixed some errors regarding the logo creation buttons and problems with examples pages. We tested WebLogo by creating sequence logos from URLs on an ipad, and it worked. And it looks great! The images can be saved locally as part of the mobile device's image gallery. Working the controller logic that takes in the URL was a little tricky b/c we had to negotiate how Weblogo processes local files and data pasted into the textbox and needed to prevent a user from using more than 1 of the input types, as well as throw an error.


wrapped with a bow 2

Wouldn't you know that Murphy's law would strike just when a deadline hits. Push to github first thing in the morning, right? Internet is out at home, go to a coffee shop--closed for remodeling, coffee shop2--wifi doesn't connect, coffee3--wifi yes! and then comes the git crash. I can't push b/c I have to pull down some changes. Git is locked up and I can't pull. After frantic web searching, i have to delete a .lock file in the .git directory. But what good adventure doesn't have a sense of peril.

wrapped with a bow 3

I eventually did the push, and merge, and release build for GSOC. And successful adventures are always predicated on excellent guides and fellow travelers. Thank you PSU-GSOC for advice and inclusion, Professor Bart Massey for critical support and advice, and Gavin Crooks, WebLogo's main author, for trusting me to tinker responsibly and for teaching me some of his programming kung fu.

WebLogo at Github

I had a PS: to my last WebLogo blog report. but I looks like it didn't stick. In the spirit of open source, WebLogo's code can be downloaded at https://github.com/WebLogo/weblogo if anyone would like to contribute code. Some enhancements that the WebLogo community have requested include: the ability to process MEME sequence files, to process SAM sequence files, to add a 1-pixel line around each of the letters. Suggestions in improvements are heartily welcomed by the main author.