detailing and debugging

While trying to merge code last night, the main author and I found a major bug that prevented WebLogo from functioning as a standalone server on Windows machines. Running WebLogo from the command line hadn't been tested until, I tried and failed. WebLogo couldn't find the python environment variables needed to run on a windows machine b/c the os.path was being demarcated by colons ":" , which is the case in unix and linux, while in windows the path is being demarcated by ";". It was a puzzle to figure out what was happening. And there are probably many more windows specific errors that may need to be addressed. However, now WebLogo is more portable for use on different operating systems.


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Cleaning up my to-do list: is that the main author changed his mind about how to have the web application take in the URL. The pop-up modal caused a complication b/c WebLogo wouldn't be able to pass back errors correctly. So we're going with adding a new input textfield. Also, I need to some other fixes related to how color and symbol are presented on the form. I always knew the create logo form was going to be hard part. But my updates to WebLogo's controller work, and I wasn't expecting to work on the python machinery behind the front-end. So i'm really pleased that I could step up and get it to work when I was trusted with that task.

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We tested opening dropbox and google drive share document URLs for generating a logo and it works!! (Well, works on the command line) My method and test has been integrated into code base. I appreciate Professor Massey's feedback suggesting to look for a way around using proprietary APIs and tools. After embarking on finding a workaround, I realized that while proprietary APIs and tools make development faster and easier, you're buying into a software ecology that always demanding logins and authentication. While this can be good for security, this add an extra layer of complication for people who just want to do simple data transaction. Open Source, while disadvantaged by lack of labor and development funds, offers a radically different paradigm about making things for people to make their lives easier. I'm glad that my first in-depth experience with developing open source tools was with PSU's GSOC team.