Google / Portland State Summer of Code 2010 students selected

This week marked the announcement of the six students selected to participate in Google / Portland State University Summer of Code 2010. This marks the sixth year of PSU participation in GSoC, and as always the students look quite strong. They are:

  • Vegard Nossum (Mentor: Bart Massey), Improving Linux kernel configuration using a boolean satisfiability constraint (SAT) solver. Vegard plans to integrate a Boolean satisfiability constraint (SAT) solver into the Linux kernel configuration system. Using a SAT solver will greatly improve the usability and safety of the kernel's configuration system.

  • Keith Olson (Mentor: David Percy), Referencing Interface for Petrography Slide Analysis Using Open Source GIS Tools. Keith aims to develop a method for referencing smaller images (electron microscope scale) taken of a petrographic slide (a thin slice of a rock mounted on a glass slide) to an overall image of the entire slide. The resulting referenced images will form zoom-able map layers for that particular petrographic slide. These layered images can be embedded to the limit of resolution of the electron microscope.

  • Daniel Colish (Mentor: Tom Harke), Cockerel: A Web-based Educational Proof Assistant Based on Coq. Using the Coq theorem proof assistant, Dan will connect a javascript based web editor that allows new students of logic to write and verify proofs. This will give instant feedback to students, allowing a more efficient learning process, and make the grading of these results easier on instructors.

  • Deen Bhuricha Sethanandha (Mentor: Bart Massey), PatchMetrix: Understanding and improving OSS patch contribution process capability. The aim of this project is to develop a tool, PatchMetrix, to collect data in order to gain better understanding of the OSS patch contribution process capability, and thus improve the process. PatchMetrix will include patch statistics and visualization. The information provided by PatchMetrix will help identify key process problems, and guide the community in making improvements.

  • Nisarg Kothari (Mentor: Jasper Jon Lieber), Shogi Application for Android . Nisarg will port the program GNU Shogi to the Android platform, and create a polished touch-friendly interface to it. Shogi is a Japanese board game that belongs to the Chess family.

  • Addison Cugini (Mentor: Brian Granger), Symbolic Framework for Quantum Computation in Sympy. Using the symbolic framework of Sympy, Addison plans on creating a set of libraries that will symbolically simulate a quantum computer in a notationally clear way. This project is under the aegis of the SymPy project, a Python-based symbolic library.

We want to especially thank the mentors and other volunteers that make it possible for PSU to participate in GSoC. Looking forward to a great Summer!