Noseyparker - 11 August

Most of today was spent working on the HTTPS PII test cases in the Android test harness. I did break my no 1 rule when developing - make small changes and build and test often ... and now I am paying for it. I was over confident and felt I know the Android test app very well, and made a heap of changes before I built the APK and tested it.

I find Android applications tricky. On a few occasions the IDE has flagged no problems and the app has built cleanly, however when I've run the application in my test setup the application has crashed. On most occassions I've tracked the issue down to code which doesn't look like it should be an issue (it could be my lack of knowledge though).

I'll keep experimenting - this could be a good chance to try and test the app in the (Android Studio) IDE app emulator. The difficulty is I need to emulate the MitM app also plus setup a OpenVPN connection to the server. A another simpler option is to add better error handling and messaging.