aws trial and unit testing

I re-wrote the open url function as try/except conditions instead of if/else. I researched and used python's standard error library for the error messaging. I also scrubbed the entire WebLogo directory for references to, which will become read-only on August 25th. I'm glad the github export was completed by mid-term. However while scrubbing the code, I ran into the developer's guide which outlines how to build new releases with Subversion. The current procedure outlined in the guide would not work with Github's fork/pull or build releases section. It will need to be re-written. AWS has a 12-month trial service, so I tried to deploy WebLogo on AWS servers as a test environment. I tried to follow the Amazon Web Services guides to and failed. The error I'm getting is "Your WSGIPath refers to a file that does not exist." I think this may be due to trying to WebLogo being a .cgi application. I tried adjusting the environment and rebuilding server, but i'm getting a 404 error. I'm researching how to do unit testing and writing a test procedure for the open url function for the WebLogo's test suite.