passing urls

8/3 The main author nixed the proposal for an email logo option. he thought that setting an email server would be a pain, but I think it's more painless now. However, he said that an email option leaves the server vulnerable to being used as a spam machine. There's no way to validate that it's a true address. He mentioned that an online download option could be handled with python's url parser instead of dropbox's proprietary sign-in. So that option will be investigated and tested.

8/2 I started researching how to send the logo via email in the python script using the smtplib, and email modules. I wrote draft of a function to send the logo via email based on how WebLogo handles the download. I sent the "psuedo-code" to get the main author's idea on the proposition. I'll keep playing with and testing this prospect.

8/1 The dropbox implementation is proving to be more complicated than anticipated. I had wanted to keep the function separate from the core python, but that looks like it's not possible. Also, Professor Massey suggested that I look into other open source alternatives to dropbox, so I'll be researching those as well.