Download to Dropbox

I started tackling the issue of saving to Dropbox. Saving a weblogo can't solely be done through the front end. There is a checkbox for downloading a weblogo on the web application tool, but the download is handled in the python code by reading the HTTP response. I had a meeting with the main author regarding this issue, and he directed me to the file that listens for the HTTP response and presents the download option. I'll be studying this file to figure out how to get the python to work with dropbox saver's javascript functions.



I'm not a big Dropbox fan. It's a commercial service, first of all, and I hate to lock an open source project into one of those. Second of all, their corporate work culture does not, by most accounts I've heard, sound like something I could support.

There are a bunch of file storage services on the web: some are free. If you find that one of them is easier to use for this than Dropbox, you might consider it as an alternative.

I agree that locking into

I agree that locking into dropbox isn't ideal. I was looking for a way around the Oauth procedures that dropbox demands of its apps, which doesn't work for open source releases without hashing the secret keys. It seemed liked a fine solution when the project only lived on my computer, but as it moves toward being released to the public. I see the limitations. Dropbox seems like the leading online storage choice, so it'd be still useful for users to use dropbox as a choice. I was looking at Dropboxifier as possible alternative.