Google / PSU Summer of Code 2008 Results

The 2008 Google / PSU Summer of Code is long over. Here's a quick, belated summary of the 2008 year.

Portland State University was able to mentor seven projects in 2008. Of these, six completed successfully. These were:

  • Mentor: Joshua Triplett; Student: Alexey Zaytsev. A C code "linker" based on SPARSE. The student successfully constructed this key component of a multi-file static analyzer.

  • Mentor: David Percy; Student: Devin Chalmers. CocoaBugs: An Artificial Life Framework. The student created a framework / testbed for a particular class of a-life models, with a beautiful user interface.

  • Mentor: Greg Kroah Hartman; Student: Loren Davis. Open Doors. The student built an open-source Linux implementation of Sun's Doors interprocess communication framework.

  • Mentor: Len Shapiro; Student: Tom Raney. The PostgreSQL Optimizer Exposed. The student combined some existing solutions for instrumentation and visualization with new code to obtain a powerful tool for understanding the detailed workings of the PostgreSQL query optimizer on a given query.

  • Mentor: Keith Packard; Student: Ralf Juengling. Revamping Lush's Memory Management. The student wrote an incremental garbage collection library for Lush based on ideas from the Nickle programming language implementation. The result will also be folded back into Nickle.

  • Mentor: Len Shapiro; Student: Adam Bresee. A System for Patent Categorization and Analysis. The student wrote natural-language analysis code to mine the US Patent database.

Congratulations to all these students, and our most grateful thanks to their mentors. This was highly appreciated.