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I have spent quite a number of hours tonight reading a couple of different chapters from this book (source here), and it has turned out to be an excellent resource. I learn best through visualization; I reason better with an abstract concept after I've seen visualizations of it, whereas most teachers I've ever had prefer to start with the mathematical notation first, which is purely abstract. Thus, the discovery of this IPython / Jupyter book about filters is deeply intriguing to me. It combines the abstract with the visual, not to mention some demonstrative code, and I am therefore enjoying it quite a bit.

Particle filters are interesting. I'm starting to see why they would take less tuning than a traditional Kalman filter, but at the same time I can also see why they would be more computationally intensive. Some of the discussion in this book seems to touch on why a Kalman filter might not be the optimal choice for a dead reckoning system. I believe this book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about these types of filters.

EDIT: and why does this Drupal page seem to grow in unreliability with each passing day? I'm on a full, desktop version of Chrome right now and the Preview / Save buttons are completely dropping my blog post. I will keep submitting it occasionally until the server decides to start cooperating. Maybe someone is doing maintenance on the server? No idea, but it's weird behavior. (At least 10 minutes of trying to submit now)


I'm often having troubles

I'm often having troubles posting as well. I put a comment in the forum about this. I thought the problem was that my post was too long. But I'm running into the same issue as you with a shorter posts. But I just replied to a reply, and that worked fine. And replying to your post seems to work as well.