Initial offset data!

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I have attached a chart created from real-time on-MCU analysis of the 9-axis data to calculate current positional offset. I was piping every 75th absolute offset value over the serial terminal so I could create this chart while trying to balance loss of data from piping data over serial versus resolution of the chart. The chart was created in Excel, of course. So, the position of the device was being sample every 47ms, give or take. Right now, the algorithm is still in desperate need of some fixes that will increase its accuracy, and I have some ideas about those fixes, but I believed showing this raw output would be pretty interesting, nonetheless. There is some crazy drift on the X-axis, and I'm not sure what that's all about. I moved the device laterally by about a meter and returned it to roughly its initial position while these samples were being taken. The Z-axis, oddly enough, actually seems to align with the motion I made pretty solidly, and the Y-axis kinda does. The X-axis seems to have no bearing on reality though in this data.

Still, very interesting! I feel like I've actually made a lot of progress now.

Offset vs Sample



I guess there's still some integration bug, but it's great to see things starting to work. Good work.

I've been watching all of this with some interest, but haven't really had much to add. You're figuring it all out AFAICT. You know how to get in touch with me if you want to chat about anything.