Accepted Students Announced for Summer of Code 2007

Here, in no particular order, are the students and mentor who will be participating in Summer of Code projects supervised by Bart Massey in 2007. Congratulations to those students and mentors participating, and thanks to all of you, accepted or not, for the work you put into making this program a success.

Google/PSU Summer of Code

Our proud tradition continues. Google was quite generous with slots for us this year; we look forward to many successes.

  • Douglas McKenzie
    autoAuto - A mechanical simulation package for amateur motorsport
    Mentor: David Allen

  • Sean McLaughlin
    A Formal Proof in Algebra: The Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory
    Mentor: Thomas Harke

  • Arnoldo Jose Muller Molina
    A distributed similarity search engine: matching Xenarthras and ...
    Mentor: Cynthia Brown

  • Yevgeny Binder
    Using Software Defined Radio for Aircraft Navigation
    Mentor: Erik Walthinsen

  • Chris Wu
    Linear algebra package for Sympy
    Mentor: Mike Haertel

  • Bhuricha Deen Sethanandha
    TracMetrix: Integrated project tracking and metrics repository
    Mentor: Bart Massey

  • Spencer Janssen
    XHSB: an X binding for Haskell, based on XCB
    Mentor: Jamey Sharp

Google/X.Org Summer of Code

This year marks the first that Bart Massey is running Google Summer of Code for X.Org also. There were some very tough competitors for these slots; we only had three.

  • Tiago Vignatti
    Moving the mouse handling code into a separate thread
    Mentor: Daniel Stone

  • Thomas Hunger
    Generating the XCB C code in Python
    Mentor: Anselm R. Garbe

  • Andrew Howe
    Server Side XCB
    Mentor: Ian Osgood

X.Org Vacation of Code

In response to the large number of quality proposals received for Google/X.Org Summer of Code that could not be funded by Google, the X.Org Foundation Board voted unanimously to fund proposals itself. This is the first year for the X.Org "Vacation of Code" program; we hope it will be a success, and can be repeated in the future.

  • Arthur Huillet
    Xv support for Nouveau driver
    Mentor: Alexander Deucher

  • Nicolas Martyanoff
    Patent-free S3TC compression implementation for Mesa
    Mentor: Brian Paul

  • Philipp Heise
    Mentor: Matthias Hopf

Again, thanks to all of you who applied.