MuseScore 20/07/2015: MIDI Actions

Today I started to work on MIDI Actions feature. It will help users to send arbitrary MIDI events to internal/external synthesizer from any part of the score.

There will be a set of predefined actions to choose and also an option to create own MIDI events. I'm going to store predefined actions in MuseScore (instruments.xml?) and user-defined actions in a score file.

Since MIDI Actions will affect the whole MIDI channel, it is not possible to assign a MIDI Action to an Instrument's Voice. Users will assign MIDI Actions to an Instrument's Channel (normal/pizzicato/tremolo, not to be confused with MIDI channel).

Here is a sketch of the MIDI Action tab with some example data:

I don't know if users really need to have additional column with hex values of MIDI event, but it will help me during the development.