• Rearranged the RPC services in the protocol buffer definition to simplify API access and to allow for API versioning. For example, a client would have previously used the API in the following way:

    textMessages := MurmurRPC.NewTextMessageServiceClient(conn)
    users := MurmurRPC.NewTextMessageServiceClient(conn)
    for _, user := users.Query(query) {

    After the rearrangement, the code would be written as:

    client := MurmurRPC.NewV1Client(conn)
    for _, user := client.QueryUsers(query) {
  • Added UserService, ACLService, and ContextActionService commands to murmur-cli.

  • Fixed bug in protocol that made bitmask fields not work.
  • Planned out more of the getting started guide.

Tomorrow: work on getting started guide/documentation.