MuseScore 15/07/2015: "Assigning MIDI channels" feature published!

I cleaned up the code a bit and finally published the "Assigning MIDI channels to instruments" feature.
I created a pull request to MuseScore repository and now it's ready for testing.
New opportunities unlocked:

  • Assign each instrument to a different MIDI port and connect MuseScore to external synthesizers, effects processor and VST instruments via JACK with minimum additional software (JACK + MuseScore + QJackCtl/any patchbay).
  • Export MIDI mapping to MusicXML and MIDI files to make futher editing/processing simpler.
  • Better control of MuseScore output for research/related projects (MuseScoreSSMN, etc).

This branch needs some user testing, and I hope it will be merged in the next release.