Applying Mathematica to Quaternions

Josh Leverette's picture

This evening, I spent several hours writing out the Mathematica needed to load the thousands of data points coming out of my microcontroller into lists of 3-element tuples, one for each sensor, in preparation for being manipulated. I began experimenting with the data using the Quaternion information on Keith Packard's website as well, but I didn't finish with that.

Also: ever since this Drupal website was re-themed, which is pleasant, the form submission has stopped working on my Raspberry Pi under normal circumstances. In both the built-in browser and IceWeasel, the form submission (clicking "Preview") appears to do nothing but reload the page to a blank slate. Incidentally, Chromium actually works for this website, but I find it interesting that nothing else does on my Pi. I haven't tried to replicate the issues on my Mac mini, so I can't be sure there isn't something strange going on with just Raspberry Pis trying to interact with or if it is all non-Chromium-based browsers. Something to think about.