next steps check-in

I had a meeting with the main author on what the next steps. Part of the project is to make advanced options available on the command line interface to web users. Since I'm working on the page that creates the sequence logo, I needed clarification on which options are to be included. However, the main author wanted to keep the main create page easy and clean to use, and he doesn't want more options added to main page. So he proposed making a new web page that offers command line access. There are a couple of security issues that need to be addressed and thought through. I've never seen such a thing on a web page yet, so I'll have start researching a possible solution. Also, I cleaned up all the references to the new code repository in the new html code, but he wants the current live code to have the new references as well. I finally have commit privileges on the Github account and might be able to push code more quickly.