Data Analysis

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Since I'm on my Raspberry Pi 2, I have free access to Mathematica 10, so right now I am working with the built in quaternion library to try to process the data that I collected yesterday. For practical purposes, I'm not convinced that it matters when the data is processed. Both the software I'm writing to run on the microcontroller and Mathematica will have to assume that the n-th data point is being generated consistently at t = n*(1/ODR), where ODR is the Output Data Rate of each particular 3-axis sensor. I mentioned a few posts ago that I would like to actually process some data with Quaternions involved before getting too deep into the code on the microcontroller. Understanding the algorithms should be easier when the data is manipulated in a responsive, real-time fashion, rather than on the remote, resource-constrained microcontroller target. Certainly, once a technique is clearly in mind, this microcontroller should not have any trouble crunching these numbers.