Cleaning up Github export

Now that main body of code has been exported successfully, many documentation pieces and links have to be updated. I learned Markdown re-write the README file for the landing page. I wrote and edited the new README file and uploaded the file to WebLogo's github as my first official merged contribution to the WebLogo code base. I also worked on adding the dropbox "saver" button to the create.html page. Adding the saver button was easier than adding the "chooser" button to the front-end, but I anticipate kinks on getting it to work. I think if I write a jquery function that listens for a "checkbox" function, i can trigger the dropbox save javascript function. I'll be scheduling a meeting with the main author regarding porting WebLogo to a new server, and to figure out the what needs to be done with documenting the API, and for him to let me know which command line functions that he wants added to the web application.


Previewing Markdown

Melissa - a method I have found useful for authoring markdown content is using the Atom editor (developed by GitHub) and using the markdown-preview plugin:

It improved the speed I was able to edit markdown documents and preview them. Anyways just thought I'd let you know my experience in case you were interested :)