Github export

We have landed in "The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry" territory with the Github export situation. I had a meeting with WebLogo's main author,and he finally gave me updating rights on Google Code and the CrooksEnsemble Github repository. I got the go ahead to run the github exporter, after updating the main author about the Github information. I got the go ahead to run the exporter. However, we expected that the exporter would be able to direct the export to the CrooksEnsemble as an organization that I belong to. Alas not. The exporter created the WebLogo repository on my personal github. Now we're in the situation of getting the WebLogo to the right repo, and how to get WebLogo off my repo. To keep the checkout and push/merging record keeping standardized, I should be checking code out/in from the main repo. I've reached out to Github support for guidance again. And the main author is glad that i've spared him the trouble of troubleshooting this.