Google/PSU Summer of Code 2006 Projects: Ideas Wanted

This discussion forum is a place to post ideas you would like to see a student (maybe you!) take on as part of Google/PSU Summer of Code 2006. All ideas welcome, and open for discussion.

In 2005, we had an emphasis on open hardware (esp. rockets and radios), but a variety of kinds of projects. is participating in Summer of Code this year, so stuff related to our X Window System work may be better pitched there.

All in all, we're interested in novel projects that might otherwise fall through the cracks of Summer of Code, but that we can effectively mentor within our community. Let us know what you want to see, and we'll try to accomodate that.

We are currently forming our 2006 Advisory Board to help us review applications and mentor projects. As that comes online, we will let you know here.

Welcome to Google/PSU Summer of Code 2006!

Yet another computer language

Maybe I could spiff up my computer language to some sort of niche. Bart, you have Nickel too, right? I could work on that. Right now I have a sort of Verilog (user defined bit widths)/C hybrid with functions. Adding concurrency would be cool, plus it just needs general cleaning up. And custom floats I could plug in from another project of mine.


google couldn´t accept all new mentors
but recommended posting new ideas with
accepted mentors, thus: proposes a software
that formats text and translations to
help us learn languages.. twext formats
are especially useful with lyrics to
popular songs..

imagine learning spanish with some of the
greatest songs around.. twexter software
promises to build learning bridges between
all kinds of langauges..

elance may help project get started, but
a java version, a desktop app and/or many
enhancements are possible:
proposes a variety of ideas, the most
interesting of which may be to include,
if possible, twext formats of lyrics w/
popular mp3 files..

a well executed twexter can attract
many users from around the world
helping people communicate and have a
lot more fun learning langauges.

if successful, project will achieve a
high-profile, be great for your resume
and may lead to plenty of work, including
integration of twexter into a variety of