Project Ideas

I have been putting off creating a comprehensive list of project ideas, because I have been so busy the last few days. I obviously need to get it done. So here's a few things on the top of my stack...
  • Projects for my PSU CS 410/510 Open Source Software Development class. Currently-enrolling students and others may want to look at past course projects there for ideas.
  • Projects related to the various groups I'm involved with. There's a lot of these, and they can all use help. Examples include:
    • Portland State Aerospace Society, open hardware/software amateur sounding rockets.
    • Since no one else from seems to be doing it, it looks like I'm the go-to guy for lower-level X Window System stuff. Specific projects I'm involved in include those below, but I'm more than happy (with the help of Keith Packard) to work on other stuff below the toolkit level.
      • XCB, the next-generation replacement for the X Window System Xlib library.
      • The Cairo 2D rendering library.
    • The Nickle programming language.
    • A grant-funded Summer project on applications of open Software-Defined Radio.
  • Projects related to the various courses I teach.
  • Projects related to things I do with my students. Examples from a recent poster contest can be found at
  • Excelsior!
I hope these ideas help spark your interest. I'll be working on updating this list over the next few days.