Google/PSU Summer of Code 2005

Google generously sponsored 8 students through PSU for Summer of Code 2005. Each of these students produced source code in a period from early July through September 1. The students also produced web documentation of their work, and made source repositories available to those interested in using or contributing to it. The projects were as follows… All 8 projects were quite successful. All projects have been released under OSI-approved open source licenses. Candy has already presented her work at a technical conference. Several of the projects have gotten outside attention from potential open source contributors. All of the projects are currently continuing to move forward, even without further financial support from Google.

We are extremely grateful to the Google folks, especially open source lead Chris DiBona, for giving the students the opportunity to spend a large portion of their Summer developing their open source projects in a productive environment. Let's hope Google finds their way clear to do this again soon!


That's an interesting take on

That's an interesting take on my project. More of a web development framework for websites (rather than applications). This site has some info on the project. Still need to work on it though (layout esp).

Edited description

Sorry it took me so long to notice your comment---not sure why, exactly. In any case, I've edited your project description line slightly; maybe it's better now? Hope you're enjoying Japan.