Summer of Code 2014 wrapup

[Apologies as usual for the lateness of this.]

2014 was an extremely successful summer for Google / PSU Summer of Code. All of our projects completed successfully, and many of them extraordinarily so. We had some really great mentors and students this year, and I am excited for what we accomplished.

Our themes this year turned out to be Weave, geography and open hardware, but we had a wide variety of great projects.

Thanks once again to all those who participated.

Web-Based analytic framework for multivariate analyses of ’omics’ dataShweta PurusheGeorges Grinstein
InfoMaps with a Single Record ViewJohn FallonGeorges Grinstein
User Interface widgets for LANDIS II simulation modelLesley BrossRobert Scheller
GeoDjango LIMSJesseDowningDavid Percy
Orthorectifying EM data in reference to a thin section imagePonnathota Sai Chaitanya ReddyDavid Percy
Thin-Section mineral identification and petrographic analysis Jon BarnesDavid Percy
Display of subsurface features in a virtual worldAarti DwivediDavid Percy
GSOC'14: Automotive engine management based on ARM processorsAdam ParkerJenner Hanni
Simultaneous suicide detection for Chinese "Twitter" (Sina Weibo)Xiaolei HuangDavid Chiu
Expanding WebWork: Quantitative biology and Partial Differential EquationsNelly_SelemBart Massey
A routability-driven placer for Printed Circuit Board designArindam BanerjeeBart Massey