Software Radio GPS Project Proposal

Here's the working draft of the proposal for my software defined radio GPS receiver project.

W Isaac Carroll

Title: Software GPS Correlator for Universal Software Radio Peripheral

Synopsis: I will develop correlator routines for acquiring and tracking signals from GPS satellites. These routines will bridge the gap between the USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) and existing GPL-GPS software.

Benefits: This project will enable development of extended GPS applications on a PC equipped with the USRP.

* software GPS signal correlator
* documentation of correlator algorithms
* port of the GPL-GPS software to Linux/x86
* software simulation of GPS satellite signal generation

Details: The GPL-GPS software currently runs on the ARM processor of the MG5001 GPS board using the eCos real-time operating system. In this project I will port GPL-GPS to a standard Linux/x86 system equipped with a USRP. Because the USRP lacks the hardware correlator channels of the MG5001, I will write software correlator routines as a replacement. This will also remove the hard-real-time requirement of GPL-GPS.

Schedule: ?

Directions for future work: Reimplement correlator routines in Verilog HDL to be executed on USRP FPGA.

Bio: I am an undergraduate at Portland State University seeking a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering.