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Particle filter code

Tonight I started writing the basics of a particle filter into my code, which led me to cross-reference against the tutorials I had looked at, again, in order to figure things out. Trying to write the code was fun tonight, and I hope to be more successful tomorrow, but I did get the code started.

passing urls

8/3 The main author nixed the proposal for an email logo option. he thought that setting an email server would be a pain, but I think it's more painless now. However, he said that an email option leaves the server vulnerable to being used as a spam machine. There's no way to validate that it's a true address. He mentioned that an online download option could be handled with python's url parser instead of dropbox's proprietary sign-in. So that option will be investigated and tested.

8/2 I started researching how to send the logo via email in the python script using the smtplib, and email modules. I wrote draft of a function to send the logo via email based on how WebLogo handles the download. I sent the "psuedo-code" to get the main author's idea on the proposition. I'll keep playing with and testing this prospect.

8/1 The dropbox implementation is proving to be more complicated than anticipated. I had wanted to keep the function separate from the core python, but that looks like it's not possible. Also, Professor Massey suggested that I look into other open source alternatives to dropbox, so I'll be researching those as well.

MDN 8/2/2015

I spent the day looking for a search module/api to use in my connections window. I need this feature to let users search and select nodes so they can connect those nodes to elements in the diagrams. I was considering two options: a node filter block, and an auto-complete feature that suggests nodes when the user types few characters. After looking at some modules, I think I found what I need; the Search Autocomplete module. I am currently playing with it to see how I can use it.

Noseyparker - 3 August

Today I started on changes to the JSON report code that are needed to handle the new HTTPS PII log alerts and other alert name changes. I am still writing the code and haven't had a chance to test it yet.

Unfortunately I didn't have alot of time to code today. I was working in the PowerPoint presentation for the conference early next week - the deadline for this is very soon.

Noseyparker – 31 July

I completed the PII detection code in the TLS proxy handler today. During testing, I ran about 20 mobile applications to check on the PII logged - it was very surprising (and concerning) how much of my personal information apps sent and the number of different services! I found one app which sent my information to 8 different services, including advertising, analytics and performance services.

I started on a new base PII connection handler that will be inherited by the HTTP and HTTPS PII handlers. Unfortunately the current HTTP PII handler isn't aware if the connection uses SSL, and alerts are firing for HTTPS as well. However, the new base PII handler will contain alot of code that will be inherited - and make the HTTP and HTTPS PII handlers much simpler.

MDN 8/1/2015

The jQuery library I am using for modal window does not show vertical scroll bar for full screen. I am trying to find a solution by either applying extra css for the window generated by the library or creating my own modal window(div). I read a little on both but with no success. I switched to connections feature. I just found the right code to use to check for user permissions; I need this to allow or deny access to this feature which is meant to be used by site admins.

MDN 7/31/2015

I did not work much today, I was trying to fix full screen feature with no success. I will try to get this feature done by Sunday along with zooming/panning.

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More filters

This weekend I'm back home visiting my parents, but I did spend some time this evening continuing to research filters. Hopefully I can find some more time this weekend to work on it and get it all figured out. I'm planning to get back to writing code on Monday, if at all possible.


  • Added comment about incomplete embedded messages (i.e. messages with only uniquely identifying information included), and when they should be expected.

Monday: work on wish list items.

Download to Dropbox

I started tackling the issue of saving to Dropbox. Saving a weblogo can't solely be done through the front end. There is a checkbox for downloading a weblogo on the web application tool, but the download is handled in the python code by reading the HTTP response. I had a meeting with the main author regarding this issue, and he directed me to the file that listens for the HTTP response and presents the download option. I'll be studying this file to figure out how to get the python to work with dropbox saver's javascript functions.

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