Expected input/output

The expected input to the finished(trained) program:

Image File
The image file should be an aerial photograph of the area in question
Export ID
the export ID will identify the GIS program to which the output should be associated with
Scaling factor
the scaling factor will be the intended scale of the photo
Set of coordinates
the coordinates of the upper left-hand corner of the photo

The expected output:

New image file
This may or may not be necessary, depending upon the export ID. This file is an exact copy of the input photo, but with either a point location or an outline around target areas.
object table
This is essentially an ID-dependent file which can be read by the target application to recreate the results of the image processor.

My intended open source project

I intend to create a digital image processor which is capable of locating specific structures from aerial photographs. Exact location and accuracy are NOT short term goals of this project, instead, the identification of obviously impervious areas will be stressed. Forecasted problems with this project include:

Discerning structures covered by trees
Many structures will have some tree cover. Hopefully this can be solved by requiring polygons and arcs of a reasonable size to be connected via different traces along what is supposedly the same structure.

OK, we're off and running

I've just finished setting up this Summer of Code Drupal site. The logo photo is of Haystack Rock, on the beautiful Oregon coast near where we live. (The photo was taken by Keith Packard June 2004.) Note that this is typical Oregon coastal Summer weather. We have lots of time to sit indoors and code...

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