Successfully built LANDIS core today

Followed instructions from previous developer to use premake utility and scripts to build .sln files. It worked, kind of. The scripts were written for VS 2008 and VS 2010. Rob has asked that I use VS 2013. The references posed the biggest problem but I have it working. I needed to install NUnit and add it as a reference. Also needed to track down a couple of the system assemblies.

Tried to attend yesterday's IRC chat at 9:30 but it was over when I logged on. Not sure what the time is supposed to be going forward.

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still working on netlist parser

Netlist parser is a major part of my project and I am still working on it. It will take few days to complete the parser as there are several aspects to consider to extract structural information from Netlist file. I will keep on committing the code development in git repo.

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netlist parsing and internal data structure

Today I was working on designing the internal data structure. The parser should read the netlist file and feed the extracted data to internal data structure which is an important part of the placer. This data would be used in next phase of the placement.

last several days' summarization

1.Completing collecting over 19,000 target users' data. Completing building data collection system. 2.Read some papers to find how to find more features. According to some pyschological articles, there are five main features here could be used. First is sentence's sentiment polarity. Different people may have differences, but they also share some common patterns in words, phrases, sentence,etc. Second, the ratio of positive to negative emotion words might be associated with his own posting trend. Third,posting intensity(how frequently deceased posts) is an important features. It seems deceased posts more depressive posts in a period(the period should be judged by his past posting frequency). Fourth, deceased used substantially more self-references than references to social integration. Finally,cases with different levels of suicidal intentionality may influence emtion change.Like, depressed suicide express longer emotion change than people who commit suicide impulsively. 3.I have some academic works to complete, this project may have to delay for two or three days.

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Development environment and netlist parser

I made the development environment ready - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Eclipse IDE, made a couple of initial commits to Git repo and everything is working fine. Today I had a discussion with KiCad dev group regarding netlist format. The custom attribute is a difficult part and also further features can be added in future. Hence they suggested to make the parser flexible so that it can be updated later. I will start with the basic netlist format and will implement the placement algorithm with that.

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Coding period starts

It was the last day of community bonding period. The coding period will start now. I finalized the modules of target software development however this is the initial sketch and further modifications and addition of sub-modules will come on the way. I also updated the git repo wiki page with the required coding conventions.

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Placement plan

Did not get much time to work today due to some other academic tasks. Attended weekly IRC meeting. Modified and made some small changes in placement plan.

Tortoise SVN

Attended weekly IRC chat. Installed Tortoise SVN in preparation for accessing the Landis code repository.

Collect sentiment dictionaries

I collected some sentiment dictionaries past few days, I would like to make some adjustments for those dictionaries.

I was going to use tf_idf method, but I am going to try more ways.

Today,just finished final exam for "Behaviorial Finacial Engineering". This week is pretty busy, there are one presentation for Social Computing and a final project for NLP.

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Coding conventions

Still working on summarizing the targets and also working on coding conventions to be followed in the project. I will update the conventions in a wiki page of project's git repo.

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