Progress on gdal_csharp.dll

Examined premake4.lua script and noted that it runs a batch file, LSML-admin.cmd, to connect with to download the spatial modeling libraries and their supporting files. The current version is stored in a text file in the same folder called version.txt.

Reconfigured the references for my projects to point at the libraries downloaded by the batch file. Although I think this was a good thing to do, it did not solve my problem.

Confused by the exe.config files in this project. They don't seem to follow the name, location conventions examples I find online. Noted these lines in Landis.Console-X.Y.exe.config:

This is a way to map the gdal_sharp.dll version to the installed version. Don't know how to set the GDAL_CSHARP_VERSION variable but when I hard code this to the gdal_csharp.dll version on my computer, it works!! Obviously not a final solution because it won't run everywhere, but a step in the right direction.

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Code debugging and modifications

There was a bug in reading PCB layers from file and hence a weird error message was coming. Today I debugged the code and got the reason of this error. I used an additional boolean variable to overcome this issue and made some modifications. Also I developed code for reading net details.

Still stumped

I learned a lot today about config files and how my project was configured but I am still stumped on the Landis.RasterIO.Gdal and gdal_csharp incompatibility. It seems that the version of gdal_csharp in the repository is not compatible with Landis.RasterIO.Gdal.

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Continuing block placement

Still continuing the block placement part. Mainly concentrating on its design. Today studied and worked on white space allocation.

Still stuck on Landis.RasterIO.Gdal.RasterFactory

When I try to instantiate this factory, I get the following exception: Internal error occurred within the program: The type initializer for 'Landis.RasterIO.Gdal.RasterFactory' threw an exception. The type initializer for 'Landis.RasterIO.Gdal.GdalSystem' threw an exception.

After spending a couple of hours, sent a note to my advisor for help ...

Starting to finish last several components for retrieval system

Just finished last two final exams today. Start to finish last several components from today. Hopefully, it will be completed in this weekends.

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Block placement

Worked on code to finalize the block size as per components dimensions. These blocks would be moved, rotated and placed by the placement algorithm. Need some modifications in existing class members. Today I will work on that.

Tried to run Landis model from a form

Tried today with moderate success to run the Landis model from a Windows form. It doesn't quite work and errors when I try to instantiate the GDAL raster factory. Will try again tomorrow.

I did confirm that the UI widget should be a supplement and not a replacement for the command line interface.

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Working on placement algorithm

I am still working on implementing the basic placement algorithm. Today I did not code much but was mostly involved in designing the classes and methods for the algorithm with available data. It may take couple of days more but I will do the coding part also in parallel. Though my main focus would be on design part for next few days.

Console application vs Windows application

Landis is currently a 'Console Application'. My task is to make it a 'Windows Application'. I hope to find a way to add a Windows Application onto the project while still retaining its Console interface.

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