Noseyparker - 21 July

Most of today was spent implementing a TLS connection event handler for certificates using the SHA-1 signature algorithm whose an expiry date during or after the Google Chrome sunset period. Google and other online service providers have been pushing to phase out the SHA-1 algorithm due to weaknesses. See Chromium blog post.

The signature algorithm is used to hash the content creating a "message digest". The digest is used to provide message integrity i.e. detect tampering. The digest is also signed with the sessions private-key to produce a HMAC, allowing the receiver to verify the who signed it (using the session public key and some mathematical magic).

20 July

Met with David today and discussed the final steps to polish my code so it's ready for testing with VTune. This should be the last week left for coding before testing.

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Work on acceleration code

I started writing the code that would be needed to start integrating acceleration into the absolute position. I still need to actually rotate the acceleration values into the inertial reference frame, but I'm working on the surrounding code for the moment.


  • A solution to the crashes that I posted about last week may have to wait. Due to grpc not being a mature library, what I need in order to fix the bug has yet to be implemented. I am tracking this issue on GitHub.

Tomorrow: documentation.

MuseScore 20/07/2015: MIDI Actions

Today I started to work on MIDI Actions feature. It will help users to send arbitrary MIDI events to internal/external synthesizer from any part of the score.

There will be a set of predefined actions to choose and also an option to create own MIDI events. I'm going to store predefined actions in MuseScore (instruments.xml?) and user-defined actions in a score file.

Since MIDI Actions will affect the whole MIDI channel, it is not possible to assign a MIDI Action to an Instrument's Voice. Users will assign MIDI Actions to an Instrument's Channel (normal/pizzicato/tremolo, not to be confused with MIDI channel).

Here is a sketch of the MIDI Action tab with some example data:

I don't know if users really need to have additional column with hex values of MIDI event, but it will help me during the development.

MDN 7/19/2015

I finished coding the diagram browser that I skipped the last two days. I had to restructure a main function that displays the mdn block when loading the page. I did that to reuse code and make the logic simpler. I still have to test the code the next work day. I will add some diagrams in addition to the two I already have and see what happens.

MDN 7/18/2015

I did not work much today, I started reading about users in Drupal. I need this to retrieve user visited nodes. I am planning to change my plan :) and work all evening tomorrow (to escape the heat). I hope to finish something before the end of the week.

MDN 7/17/2015

I switched to another feature today which is highlighting elements in the diagrams related to recently visited pages. I was looking for a module/code to do that. I found a snippet of code that I am trying to understand.

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Continued writing state code

I continued working on the code to continuously update the quaternion representing orientation. Since none of the three sensors in the LSM9DS0 operate in lock step, I'm currently considering how best to architect this so that it updates total state accurately. I will probably have to do some interpolation, and I might look at setting up interrupts for each sensor so I can act on each piece of data in that way.

17 July

Today I finally pinpointed the bug in the query code and got it to run smoothly. It also reads a lot better which is great for me and anyone looking at my code. I think the time I spent recoding all of this will really pay off, especially during testing next week. While it runs as expected on most of the data sets, my program seems to crash any time I query the largest data set. I'm not exactly sure why, though. It could be because of insufficient memory or, more likely, a memory leak which I will try to find this weekend. This weekend I'm also going to try to get the OR code working as well which should be fairly similar to the AND code with a few exceptions.

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