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MDN 5/27/2015

I have looked at how I can upload an SVG image into Drupal and how I can display it. It turns out a simple way to do that is using a file field in a content type. I was successful in getting that done today. Now I am trying to figure out how to manipulate the SVG to add JavaScript event listeners. This is how The SVG look like in drupal

MDN 5/26/2015

I have uploaded my first drupal module into my github account. This can be considered as a "hello world" module which included daily and required tasks such as coding, testing the module in my drupal installation, and uploading the code to github.

MDN 5/24/2015

Recently, I was reading about using files and javaScript in Drupal. I will probably use Drupal file functionality to store SVG images. Also, my module will heavily depend on JavaScript to provide a rich front-end UI. Today, I am trying to finalize a plan for the next few weeks. MDN will have two types of features; the first type is features for end users that allow them to browse site content using diagrams. The second type is features for site owners (content authors) that allow them to load diagrams into the site and connect elements (shapes) in diagrams to Drupal nodes (pages). I am thinking of starting with features targeting end users.

MDN 5/21/2015

In the last two days, I was working on MDN design. I am trying to decide whether to use Drupal content types to store some information or use my own database tables. I am also still reading about Drupal module development.

MDN 5/19/2015

So far I have used drupal on my own machine; now I am trying to install drupal on the CS linux server. I will also install a copy on one of the CS data lab servers. I think I will need two or three copies of drupal for development and testing.

MDN 5/18/2015

I finished GSoC paperwork today by submitting a CPT application to PSU. I am still reading Drupal documentation, I am currently reading about contexts and panels.

MDN Progress 5/16/2015

I just did my RPE talk about MDN on Thursday. I am trying to get to full speed on the GSoC project. Yesterday I spent some time on Drupal documentation trying to find the best way to store SVG images. Also I reviewed git and github as I have not used them for few years ( i was relying on Google Drive and I was working alone).

MDN Progress

I am still reading about Drupal presentation layer. Starting next week, I will have to to figure out a detailed design for MDN and know which Drupal modules and tools I should me using.

First blog for MDN.

My project is a Drupal module for Multiple Diagram Navigation (MDN). As a first step I need to read more on Drupal, especially about the presentation layer since MDN is a UI widget.

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