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MDN 7/22/2015

I am working on related_content button in MDN. This button allows users to retrieve drupal nodes related to the selected elements in the diagrams. I had a simpler functionality in the beginning of the project that allows users to click on a single diagram element to retrieve related nodes. I spent some time to figure out how to send an array of ids from client to server via ajax; most examples send only parameters. I have not finished today as I worked only a couple of hours; I should be done tomorrow.

MDN 7/21/2015

I thought I finished diagram browser in my last post but that was not true, I discovered that new selected diagrams were not showing correctly in the main page after closing the diagram browser. I fixed this issue then I added another functionality that change the style of elements in the new shown diagrams (according to element status which can be regular, selected, or highlighted). I did simple testing using the already saved diagrams in the site.

MDN 7/19/2015

I finished coding the diagram browser that I skipped the last two days. I had to restructure a main function that displays the mdn block when loading the page. I did that to reuse code and make the logic simpler. I still have to test the code the next work day. I will add some diagrams in addition to the two I already have and see what happens.

MDN 7/18/2015

I did not work much today, I started reading about users in Drupal. I need this to retrieve user visited nodes. I am planning to change my plan :) and work all evening tomorrow (to escape the heat). I hope to finish something before the end of the week.

MDN 7/17/2015

I switched to another feature today which is highlighting elements in the diagrams related to recently visited pages. I was looking for a module/code to do that. I found a snippet of code that I am trying to understand.

MDN 7/16/2015

I am almost done with the diagram browser. I added some elements to the browsing window (checkboxes, labels and buttons) and worked on the CSS. I need to review and edit the code in the main mdn block to consider the possibility of changing diagrams. As I mentioned in the last post, I am working less hours this week. I might work one hour tomorrow, and two hours on sat and sun.

MDN 7/15/2015

I did not work much on the project today, I was busy with my research. I just added captions to the thumbnails in the diagram browser. I will have plenty of time to work on Thursday to finish few features that facilitate diagram browsing such as full screen option and layout customization. I will work less hours this week in general, I am observing a religious holiday this weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun). I will catch up next week.

MDN 7/12/2015

I am working on the diagram browser that allows MDN users to choose which diagrams to view and which to hide. I am using a modal window (div) to show thumbnails of the available diagrams in the site. Most of the time I was looking for a modal window api/module in Drupal. I ended up using a JQuery plugin for modal windows. I spent some time working on the layout of the thumbnails. I should be done with the diagram browser the next work day (Tuesday).

MDN 7/11/2015

I have finished a css for mdn that works for both one and two diagrams. I had an issue of displaying extra spaces before and after the svg files before. The solution I have found works very well in chrome and firefox. I still have to find a work around in IE as SVGs appear small there. I did not want to spend all the time on this so I switched to the buttons bar I will have in mdn. I finished the first button for clearing selection in the diagrams.

MDN 7/9/2015

I was learning and playing with CSS layout. I read a tutorial about that and tested some concepts with the two diagrams I have in the site. I was also looking for different styles for pages, buttons, layouts ... I am trying to get some ideas for a final design of the MDN UI.

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