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MDN 8/6/2015

I did not code a lot today, I was redesigning the connections window. I missed thinking of some cases before especially when displaying Drupal nodes. It is related to how to highlight, connect and delete connections between Drupal nodes and diagram elements. I also tried to fix the CSS of the full screen feature; now I think I know the reason for that and I will try to find a fix.

MDN 8/5/2015

I am working on the connections window. I had a bug that did not allow me to retrieve SVGs using ajax. I was finally able to do that. The connection window will have two sides that may contain two diagrams or a diagram and content (nodes) browser. The user will be able to connect diagram elements in two diagrams or connect diagram elements to Drupal nodes.

MDN 8/2/2015

I spent the day looking for a search module/api to use in my connections window. I need this feature to let users search and select nodes so they can connect those nodes to elements in the diagrams. I was considering two options: a node filter block, and an auto-complete feature that suggests nodes when the user types few characters. After looking at some modules, I think I found what I need; the Search Autocomplete module. I am currently playing with it to see how I can use it.

MDN 8/1/2015

The jQuery library I am using for modal window does not show vertical scroll bar for full screen. I am trying to find a solution by either applying extra css for the window generated by the library or creating my own modal window(div). I read a little on both but with no success. I switched to connections feature. I just found the right code to use to check for user permissions; I need this to allow or deny access to this feature which is meant to be used by site admins.

MDN 7/31/2015

I did not work much today, I was trying to fix full screen feature with no success. I will try to get this feature done by Sunday along with zooming/panning.

MDN 7/29/2015

My code was not handling the case of no diagrams in the site properly. I edited some code to facilitate that. In the testing I did I found out that when a full screen is used for a single diagram it does not work well for all diagrams. I am working on fixing that. CSS is art but sometimes it just drives me crazy!! I will also add a zooming and panning feature using a jQuery library I found before.

MDN 7/28/2015

I redesigned MDN interface and removed the layout button and added the functionality to the diagram browser. I think it is much easier now for users to choose the wanted layout (0, 1, or 2 diagrams) by selecting the desired diagrams in the diagram browser. The layout will change according to the number of selected diagrams.

MDN 7/26/2015

I am working on the layout feature, I think I am halfway done. I also thought about the last two components of my project which will be highlighting diagram elements related to browsing history and making connections among diagram elements and Drupal nodes.

MDN 7/24/2015

I have finished full screen feature today, I might play with CSS a little bit more while working on the next feature which is changing diagrams layout.

MDN 7/23/2015

I have finished coding the related_content button and switched to full screen feature. This feature will allow users to view one or two diagrams using full screen size which is necessary with large diagrams (SVGs). I am working on configuring a jQuery library for modal overlay div (the library is already included); also I need to create a separate style sheet for full screen.

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