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MDN 8/21/2015

Yesterday I worked on scrubbing the code and finishing documentation. I also included a .install file that includes code to create two tables required by MDN. Multiple Diagram Navigation tool is live and working. I will continue working on MDN drupal module and MDN research. Finally, I would like to thank Bart Massey and all PSU-GSoC 2015 team members for the great experience. It was fun and productive summer.

MDN 8/19/2015

I finished the colors window where users can set the color scheme for each diagram (colors used to distinguish hovered, selected, and highlighted diagram elements). I still have one little feature to finish tomorrow, and I will spend the rest of the time in documentation and cleaning the code.

MDN 8/16/2015

I have finally finished the connections window. I have started working on the color window that allows site authors to choose colors for mouse hover, element selection, and element highlight. I will finish this tomorrow and start scrubbing the code and do some tests.

MDN 8/14/2015

Finally I found a trick to work around the issue of yesterday. The auto-complete module does not work with text boxes loaded with ajax. I had to load the text boxes in the main document and attach them to the content loaded with ajax. I will probably be done tomorrow. On Sunday I will try to finish a couple of simple features.

MDN 8/13/2015

I am still working on diagram to content connection creation. I am using an auto-complete module to suggest node titles for users. This module is not working with text boxes created in ajax requests. I am trying to figure out why or work around the issue. Before that I finished a small feature for deleting diagram to diagram connections.

MDN 8/12/2015

I am done with the feature of creating diagram to diagram connections. I am working now on diagram to content connection creation. This should be straight forward; I will be using an auto-complete module I found earlier. The module suggests nodes (node titles) to the user as the user types characters. On the other side the user selects diagram elements by clicking on them and finally connects both sides (diagram elements and nodes)

MDN 8/11/2015

I am about to finish the feature of creating diagram to diagram connections. I should finish this in an hour or two. Next is finalizing the feature of creating diagram to content (drupal nodes) connections. I am also still have minor things to do this week before the 17th due date. I will use next week for more testing, cleaning, and reviewing code.

MDN 8/9/2015

I am working on diagram to diagram connections. The connections window can have two diagrams to connect visual elements in both diagrams. I am trying to reuse code from the main window especially event handlers since the main window can also have two diagrams. I am creating generic-helper functions to be used by both the main and connections windows.

MDN 8/8/2015

I added a drop down list to change the diagram on the connections window; This took a long time because of an error I finally fixed. I am also trying to find a good module/api for changing the colors of diagram elements. I have three colors that the user can change (hover color, selected element color, and highlighted color).

MDN 8/7/2015

I am still working on the connections window; I worked on loading Drupal nodes for connected to a specific diagram element. I changed the design a little bit to show a list of text boxes for the already connected nodes with one empty text box to add a connection to a new node. I worked also on the CSS. I am planning to finish most features of this window on Saturday and Sunday.

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