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  • Implemented TextMessageFilter. This allows for gRPC clients to filter and optionally modify user text messages before they are broadcast to the server.
  • Added textmessage filter command to murmur-cli. It will execute an external program and, based off of the external program's return value, determines whether or not the message should be rejected.

Tomorrow: wish list feature.


  • Started working on the TextMessageFilter implementation. It works similar to authenticators, in that it is a stream-stream RPC method and the user returns a status code (Accept, Reject, Drop).

Tomorrow: finish TextMessageFilter implementation.


  • Started designing how the TextMessageFilter feature will be implemented. Since it is a stream-stream gRPC call, it will operate very similar to authenticators.

Tomorrow: implement the above mentioned feature.


  • Added a bit of safety to context actions. Before this, any user could trigger a context action and it would be sent to the ContextActionEvents stream. Now, users will only be able to trigger context actions that have been explicitly added to them. This is similar to how the Ice system works, so I am glad I have this implemented.
  • Added support for TLS secured connections (for murmur as well as murmur-cli).

Tomorrow: implement more wishlist features.


It's a holiday here in Canada, so what I was planning for today has been moved to Tuesday.


  • Added comment about incomplete embedded messages (i.e. messages with only uniquely identifying information included), and when they should be expected.

Monday: work on wish list items.


  • Created GRPC page on the wiki. The page currently contains the getting started guide that walks through a sample application.
  • Posted in the grpc pull request that the library is ready for testing.

Tomorrow: write some documentation that was missed; look at wish list for extra features that could be added.


  • Completed version 1 of murmur-cli (the sample application using the grpc API). It's possible that additional features will be requested later on, but I believe it's a good enough for debugging for the moment.
  • Finished the "getting started" project, although some more documentation should accompany it before release. After those docs. are written, the grpc system should be ready for user testing.

Tomorrow: complete documentation for the getting started project; notify users that the system is ready for testing.


  • Finally fixed a bug that was causing server crashes. The crashes were happening when a message was written to an event stream that was still processing a write. This was commonly triggered when users connected to the server.

Tomorrow: the bug above mentioned was holding up the getting started guide. Now that the bug is fixed, I'll be working on that part of the documentation again.


  • Clarified some of the documentation that I had written yesterday.

Tomorrow: work on the getting started guide.

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