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Definitional Trees : Literature Survey - First step towards coding

Hello all,

After reading up the basics of term rewrite systems and related ideas, I have started to read the paper on Definitional Trees by Prof.Sergio Antoy. Based on his suggestions I will be building the basic definitional tree structure(on the lines of a Binary Search Tree) using the Ruby programming language.

After which I will be extending the basic structure to a complete definitional tree structure and testing the same.

Definitional Trees : Literature Survey - New links

Having read the previously mentioned paper(i.e Definitional Trees by Prof. Sergio Antoy) I decided to find out more tutorials to learn about the basics of Rewrite Systems. The following links helped me in the same -

  1. Wikipedia - Rewriting
  2. Paul Klint - Term rewriting tutorial

More specifically I'm learning the basics of Term rewrite systems. I hope to complete these tutorials, before picking up the next paper for the literaure survey phase

Definitional Trees : Literature Survey - Paper 2

Today I analysed a few sections of the second paper i.e Definitional Trees by Prof.Sergio Antoy. I was able to draw some corresponding notes like the basis and use of this data structure from the reading so far. Will try completing the complete analysis of this paper in next few days.

Definitional Trees : First blog entry

Hello all,

As a brief introduction, I'm Karthik Senthil pursuing my undergraduate degree in Information Technology from NITK, India.

My project for this GSoC 2015 is titled - "A tool for constructing Definitional Trees" mentored by Prof.Bart Massey and Prof.Sergio Antoy.

For a kickstart into the project, the first phase is Literature Survey and basic learning of languages and some tools.

The following is the list of papers and tutorials that I will be reading for the next few days-

  1. Paper 1
  2. Paper 2

I will also try building definitional trees manually for some examples from - Curry tutorial

Looking forward to learn more :)

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