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Summer of Code 2014 wrapup

[Apologies as usual for the lateness of this.]

2014 was an extremely successful summer for Google / PSU Summer of Code. All of our projects completed successfully, and many of them extraordinarily so. We had some really great mentors and students this year, and I am excited for what we accomplished.

Our themes this year turned out to be Weave, geography and open hardware, but we had a wide variety of great projects.

Thanks once again to all those who participated.

Web-Based analytic framework for multivariate analyses of ’omics’ dataShweta PurusheGeorges Grinstein
InfoMaps with a Single Record ViewJohn FallonGeorges Grinstein
User Interface widgets for LANDIS II simulation modelLesley BrossRobert Scheller
GeoDjango LIMSJesseDowningDavid Percy
Orthorectifying EM data in reference to a thin section imagePonnathota Sai Chaitanya ReddyDavid Percy
Thin-Section mineral identification and petrographic analysis Jon BarnesDavid Percy
Display of subsurface features in a virtual worldAarti DwivediDavid Percy
GSOC'14: Automotive engine management based on ARM processorsAdam ParkerJenner Hanni
Simultaneous suicide detection for Chinese "Twitter" (Sina Weibo)Xiaolei HuangDavid Chiu
Expanding WebWork: Quantitative biology and Partial Differential EquationsNelly_SelemBart Massey
A routability-driven placer for Printed Circuit Board designArindam BanerjeeBart Massey

My blog is at FOB

These days, my blog is at my personal site, FOB. Enjoy.

OK, we're off and running

I've just finished setting up this Summer of Code Drupal site. The logo photo is of Haystack Rock, on the beautiful Oregon coast near where we live. (The photo was taken by Keith Packard June 2004.) Note that this is typical Oregon coastal Summer weather. We have lots of time to sit indoors and code...

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