Noseyparker - 17 June

Today I finished the bulk of the work on the test harness app. Writing code to post information in a HTTP request message body (using this POST method) was tricky. I first tried using the library to post PII data in the message body, however it wasn't showing up in the body. I then tried the org.apache.http library to send the data in JSON format - and miraculously the data appeared in the body! (Stack Overflow where would I be without you!!).

There is one scenario I couldn't code in the test harness - testing if PII appears in a HTTP response message body. This will be hard to implement, and luckily I found an app which exhibits this behavior. I will add this to the GitHub project issues list and come back to it.

I plan to tidy-up the test harness client code tomorrow and then move back to working on the server application.