MDN 5/19/2015

So far I have used drupal on my own machine; now I am trying to install drupal on the CS linux server. I will also install a copy on one of the CS data lab servers. I think I will need two or three copies of drupal for development and testing.

Setting Up Environment: Heroku tutorial

I'm working on learning how to push code from github to heroku. I downloaded the toolbelt for windows for install and will be working through the heroku python tutorial.

Definitional Trees : Literature Survey - First step towards coding

Hello all,

After reading up the basics of term rewrite systems and related ideas, I have started to read the paper on Definitional Trees by Prof.Sergio Antoy. Based on his suggestions I will be building the basic definitional tree structure(on the lines of a Binary Search Tree) using the Ruby programming language.

After which I will be extending the basic structure to a complete definitional tree structure and testing the same.

19 May GSoC

I spent some investigating the nogotofail Android client code, and investigated how information collected by the client is passed back to the server. It appears to use some lower-level rpc messaging, the code (on the client and server side) contains some nice methods that handle the low level stuff.

I started writing some debug code on the server to determine at what point the client calls the server.

I also practiced some Git commits and rebasing.

MDN 5/18/2015

I finished GSoC paperwork today by submitting a CPT application to PSU. I am still reading Drupal documentation, I am currently reading about contexts and panels.

Setting Up Environment: Hosting Test Site on Heroku via Github

I found that I can use Heroku's services from Github for free. I can try to serving WebLogo on Heroku so I can test changes while I work. Heroku apparently is fussy at first, and it can require a high learning curve. I practiced using powershell with Git and I'm thinking that I may not continue with Komodo after the trial period if I manage with powershell.

GSOC project progress

Although i am not able give much time to my project because of my exams but still i found a way to combine LDS and MAD algorithm that i was planning of doing. Though my attention is not on this but still i gave this thought sometime for if it may help me in future. here are the results that i got.

Yale Dataset(130 images (64 training,66 testing))





IMFDB Dataset(130 images (40 training,90 testing))





MuseScore #5: exams

As I mentioned in my proposal, my university exams will start tomorrow.
It will be quite hard to combine exams with GSoC.
However, as my GSoC 2014 mentor said, thinking is also part of the work. So even if I can't code, nothing prevents me from thinking.

18 May GSoC

I have a basic familiarity with Git, however I thought a better understanding of Git would benefit the project. I downloaded a free version of the "Pro Git" book by Scott Chacon from Git Books. I found the sections on rebasing, SSH key management and tagging very helpful.

I also practiced some Git commands on a sample Git repository which I downloaded on my local development environment and as a remote BitBucket repository.

MDN Progress 5/16/2015

I just did my RPE talk about MDN on Thursday. I am trying to get to full speed on the GSoC project. Yesterday I spent some time on Drupal documentation trying to find the best way to store SVG images. Also I reviewed git and github as I have not used them for few years ( i was relying on Google Drive and I was working alone).

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