XBoard Enhancement and Accessibility

Finally I just committed the KeyNavigation patch to branch named "gtk3".

Now we have a menu named "Accessibility" which contains functions to announce information about the board.

Currently we use espeak to announce these information instead of passing to orca screen reader. Yes we do this to start testing in parallel.

MuseScore 01/07/2015: tests for rebuildMidiMapping()

I fixed small bug in checkMidiMapping() function: it decides whether to write MIDI mapping to a file or not.
Also I finally began to make tests for rebuildMidiMapping() and checkMidiMapping(). For now the following tests of *.mscx read/write are ready:

  • Read a file without MIDI mapping(MM) => write to a file without MM (with/without drum tracs or InstrumentChange elements).
  • Read a file with MM => write to a file with MM.
  • Read a file without MM, change it => write to a file with MM.
  • Read a file with MM, change the order of Parts => write to a file without MM.

MDN 7/1/2015

Fixed the element hover bug, it works fine now. I am working on element selection (click). I will probably be done by Friday.

1 July

Today I took a mock-GRE test to prepare for when I take it in September. After taking it and reviewing my results, I was pretty brain-dead so I took the day off from coding.

Continued quaternion stuff

Today, I've continued looking at and thinking about how to utilize quaternions effectively. I believe I've made some progress on that front, all I seem to be missing at this point is how to use a given quaternion to rotate the axially-locked data from the LSM9DS0 into the inertial reference frame so it can be used to update the current position.

I've reached out to my mentor in hopes of getting a little more insight on this topic. I'm still very new to quaternions, but I think I can make more forward progress once I have this figured out.

Github export

We have landed in "The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry" territory with the Github export situation. I had a meeting with WebLogo's main author,and he finally gave me updating rights on Google Code and the CrooksEnsemble Github repository. I got the go ahead to run the github exporter, after updating the main author about the Github information. I got the go ahead to run the exporter. However, we expected that the exporter would be able to direct the export to the CrooksEnsemble as an organization that I belong to. Alas not. The exporter created the WebLogo repository on my personal github. Now we're in the situation of getting the WebLogo to the right repo, and how to get WebLogo off my repo. To keep the checkout and push/merging record keeping standardized, I should be checking code out/in from the main repo. I've reached out to Github support for guidance again. And the main author is glad that i've spared him the trouble of troubleshooting this.

MDN 6.30.2015

I fixed the namespace error which turned out not to be related to svg namespaces. I finished element hover code (mouseover and mouseout events). In the beginning I used the code I made before which utilized ajax to retrieve connections from the database. I found out it is a little bit slow and unresponsive. I read about the issue of whether to use aj_ax to retrieve data frequently or load all or part of the data ahead of time. I like the latter option, so I changed the code to load connections in page loading time (using drupal add js settings). It is faster now as connections are saved in memory. The element hover works in one diagram but works partially on the other. The code does not unhighlight the elements in the mouseOut event. I am trying to find out why. I also submitted my evaluation form yesterday.

Definitional Trees : Coding Phase - Main task 1 completed

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in reporting about my progress in the project. There has been quite a lot of changes and progress over the last few days.

Firstly, the N function(used to evaluate constructor expressions) is implemented and tested with a simple example of "Pair" operation. Also one of the sub-tasks to check the robustness and consistency of the replace function of Box has been tested .

Apart from this, there were some minor changes to H like the function directly replaces the input expression expr in all cases instead of returning a new expression in some cases.

I also worked on implementing the operations for a basic datatype called Boolean. This can now be used to test code or implement complex operations.

As always my progress can be tracked here

Looking forward to the next steps in the project :)

MuseScore 30/06/2015: Random pitch shift

I improved rebuildMidiMapping() function by implementing a 'repair' of partially-initialized mappings. There are cases when MIDI port or channel could be missing, for example while importing MIDI and MusicXML files. Some software doesn't export information about MIDI port, so we have to handle this case.
Also, as I wrote in previous posts, MusicXML file format allows to write MIDI port in a range 1-16, so in some cases MuseScore is not able to export MIDI port information. Thus, it will export only MIDI channel and therefore we should fix the mapping.

There was an interesting feature proposed in #musescore IRC: random pitch shift by a few cents to humanize the playback of notes. This could work well for drums, violins (and other string instrument), detuned piano and so on.

Noseyparker - 1 July

I was able to generate a JSON data structure for my first report today - application alerts. Mapping data from multiple log files into a single structure was challenging. To work out the correct logic I needed to write all the steps as pseudocode and verify the logic, before I added code. I left the pseudocode as comments. Tomorrow I will verify the structure is correct and fine tune the logic.

I had good news last week. A research paper (I co-authored) which was the inspiration for this project was accepted at an upcoming conference. I'll need to update the paper to address the reviewers comments - so will probably need to go offline for a day or so soon.

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